Call for Shadow Program Committee

Building on the success of the SOSP 2007 and EuroSys 2010 shadow PC experiences, a shadow PC will be assembled for EuroSys 2012, chaired by Rodrigo Rodrigues (MPI-SWS). The shadow PC will run in parallel with the normal conference PC, and will operate in a similar fashion, with several rounds of reviewing and a physical PC meeting to decide on a shadow program.

Call for Participation

Researchers interested in participating in the shadow PC should send email to, and attach a brief CV/resume to the email. Shadow PC members should be post-docs or recently appointed faculty that have not yet been a member of PCs of top systems conferences. Additionally, we encourage applications from doctoral students that are close to graduating. The selection of shadow PC members will be based on the potential of the applicant to become a member of the PC of such top conferences, and we will also try to find a good balance across areas.

Reasons to Participate

There are several benefits to participating in a shadow PC:

  • Gaining experience on how a PC operates
  • Reading a series of submissions to a top conference, and learning the distinctive features of the most successful ones
  • Learning from other people's opinions about the submissions
  • Increasing the chances of becoming candidate for future PCs (by submitting high quality reviews)
  • Discussing the papers with one or more EuroSys PC members who will attend the shadow meeting
  • Getting to know other shadow PC members

Shadow PC Member Duties

Participating in a shadow PC involves a significant time commitment. The duties of shadow PC members include:

  • Bidding for papers to review based on their abstracts
  • Reviewing about 20 papers, meeting the deadlines for the successive review rounds
  • Attending a PC meeting in person near Frankfurt, Germany (as with any normal PC, members will have to ensure that they have the funding and the time to do this)
  • Upholding the same high standards of confidentiality and respect for the double-blind reviewing process as the real PC

Important Dates

Deadline to apply for shadow PC: July 29, 2011
Shadow PC membership notification: August 12, 2011
Bidding period: October 15-20, 2011
Reviews due: December 23, 2011
Shadow PC meeting: January 4, 2012


[30/04/12] Added some photos of the conference.

[19/04/12] With almost 300 participants and a great program, EuroSys 2012 was a success. Thank you for coming and see you next year!

[3/04/12] Conference proceedings.

[3/04/12] Program booklet.

[30/03/12] List of posters online.

[21/03/12] Detailed conference program online.

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